The Divine Feminine, one of our most popular candle shapes is now available in pastel colours!
These beeswax human figure candles make incredible, unique decor pieces. Their uneven shape also allows them to burn in a very unique way, making them perfect for candle magic; cord cutting and release practices are popular uses for human figure candles.

Whether you're in it for the decor or the magic, pastel human figure candles are now here!



No added fragrance.



Weight: 2.5 oz.



White Beeswaax Wax, Wax Dye, Cotton Wick, Magic

Divine Feminine | Beeswax Candle | Pastel Colours | Human Figure Candle

Candle Colour
  • Remove all packaging and place candle on a heat resistant surface away from any flammable objects including matches, wick trimmings, packaging, etc.
    Trim wick to 1/4" to avoid smoking.
    Due to shape of candle, candle may drip; Burn on a non-porous fire resistant surface to retain molten wax.

    Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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